Collaboration with Serenity Studio
October 16, 2016 4:06 pm

We had the awesome experience to pair with Serenity Studio on YouTube and bring pieces of Beneath the Fall soundtrack to their piano channel. This compilation was exclusive with Serenity Studio, composed by award-winning composer Sean Beeson, features piano renditions of the beautiful and sweeping orchestral themes for Neoglyphic’s new hit book “Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall.” Each theme is accompanied by award-winning art pulled directly from the book, and accommodates each character theme you are hearing. The themes include Barra’s Theme, Tory’s Theme, Sunborn Rising Overture, Plicks’ Theme, Brace’s Theme, and lastly Argus’ Theme.

Over the course of a year, these themes were carefully crafted and designed to work independently, but also are derivative slices of each other, and so you may hear a bit of Barra’s theme throughout the entire compilation.

I hope you enjoy the music, there will be more to share in the future! I also encourage you to check out Sunborn Rising, where you can hear even more of the score from the book, and interactive reading experience.

If you enjoyed these pieces, you can hear them individually on our channel. The full orchestral soundtrack is available for sale on iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon, to stream on your favorite channels, or you can purchase the CD.




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