Launch Celebration!
August 20, 2016 9:12 am

Sunborn Rising is a full storytelling experience. Novel, art, music and game come together to immerse the reader in the world of Cerulean. Here is the story of that story…

It began as a novel, an other-world fantasy adventure written by Aaron Safronoff, Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall. As Aaron wrote the story, he was also reading it to the team – chapter by chapter. As we all listened together, we realized how amazing it would be to see the fantastical world and characters. First, the characters were designed, no small task, and then the regions of Cerulean were imagined. Forty full-color illustrations were created and 80 pieces of line art; they are included in all versions of the book. It has been exciting to see everyone from middle-graders and up fall in love with the bups and their great adventure.


As we saw the illustrations and characters take shape and color, we realized that we wanted even more depth. Sean Beeson, master composer, came on board and his music blew us all away! Music can evoke such powerful emotions and we wanted to be able to listen to the music as we read the book. Sean created over six hours of original music to accompany the novel and from that we now have an amazing soundtrack that captures the beautiful themes.

What if there was a way to experience all three pieces together? We wanted the story, art, and music to be a single, creative, synergistic experience; the elements working together to create something else, something more, an Immersive Novel. We wanted the music to follow the story: crescendos when the adventure picks up, tiptoes when Barra stealths. We also wanted the art to come alive as parents read with their children! The mobile app, Beneath the Fall – A Sunborn Rising Immersive Novel, is something that we believe achieves these goals: the music follows the adventure and through motion, the full color art lives and breathes. We imagine some amazing experiences if more books were treated this way.

How else could we experience this world that was so real to us? Could we fly through the trees of Cerulean? Yes! The Neoglyphic team created an addictive, fun and beautiful game where you can do just that, Endless Rush – A Sunborn Rising Game! Play as a Rush, the messengers of the Loft, delivering packages and avoiding hazards along the way, zipping through the Great Trees of Cerulean. We even have a Virtual Reality demo of the game working that we have showcased at conferences… more about that in the future.

We are celebrating the release of all facets of the Sunborn Rising experience! Our Launch Sale allowing anyone who wants to dive into the world to be able to do just that.


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