Falling for Plicks
September 14, 2015 12:02 pm

How do you not fall for that face or an awkward, adorable ball of fur that you just want to hug?

Plicks has had changes but in comparison to the other characters he has stayed pretty true to his original description and design. You can watch the changes and what each artist has brought to him. There may still be some changes in the future for Plicks but we are loving the awesomeness he naturally is.

First step is someone has to dream up the character: Plicks Battidash the Kolalabat. All of our characters began in the mind of Aaron Safronoff, the author of Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall. The following is the original vision of Plicks and what the concept artists later used as inspiration:

Kolalabats are soft, plump but not fat, and covered in plush fur with bright long whiskers sprouting sporadically. They have long tufted, tipped ears with whiskers extending from the ends. Mostly though, their whiskers are prominent in bunches to either side of the nose, where they grow the longest, out past their shoulders.

Similar in shape to an earthen Koala or Wombat crossed with an owl, they have powerful talons on their hands and feet, and have difficulty running or even walking upright—they tend to shuffle or scuttle from place to place. Imagine an owl hopping around.

The most fascinating feature of the Kolalabat are the two discrete scruffs of skin that grow vertically down their backs to either side of their spines. The scruffs are extremely elastic, and evolved over many generations of greater and greater utility; mobile nest, carryall, and when held at the tips, gliders.

The scruffs represent a clumsy, awkward burden for adolescents, but as they grow older and taller, they gain more control of the scruffs to the point where they can drift gracefully among the branches. Youth use a braided twine to hold their scruffs to their backs to keep from tripping over them.

Jackson Sze was the first concept artist to think about Plicks and was inspired by Aaron’s vision. Below was our first attempt of what Plicks could be. The team fell in love at first sight with these sketches.

Matt Gaser was the first to fully render Plicks and tried fleshing out the details. He helped us try different ideas for details like body proportions, scruff and whisker sizes. There was a lot of thought put behind what makes a Kolalabat and how one works!

In cooperation with Artwoorks Studio we have been finalizing a detailed vision for our world and its inhabitants. Its been quite a task, and they are tackling it with excitement and exuberance as they help us develop the world as a whole.

Plicks has come a long way and what can we say besides…
We want everyone to meet Plicks!

Trying to play hide & seek in the Middens with Barra & Tory.

“Barra pushed through some large ferns, and there he was. The Kolalabat was dangling from above, suspended in a hammock of his own furry skin. Plicks’ scruffs, the two large flaps of stretchy skin growing from his back, were snagged on some brambles overhead, and he must have tripped and gotten all wrapped up in them on the way down. Plicks’ purple and gray fur was standing on end all over his body, thick and puffy-looking except along the stretched scruffs which showed the flushed-red skin beneath.”

– Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall

And to answer everyone’s question… yes, we dream about a Plicks plushie as well!


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