Music of Sunborn Rising
September 7, 2015 9:26 pm

Sunborn Rising was always intended to be an immersive novel for the eyes, ears and mind. We’ve spoken a lot before about the story, characters and environment of Cerulean – but what about stimulating the ears?! The acoustic experience in Sunborn Rising is unique, with original music made just for our world. The entire book has been scored based on Sean Beeson, Senior Composer for Neoglyphic Entertainment, Inc.what is occurring in the story from moment to moment – it’s not just a track on loop-play – it’s interactive! So if you’re a fast reader we will keep pace with you; if you’re at the slower end then the music will wait, all without you even knowing! Sometimes subtle, sometimes powerful, but always aimed at enriching the overall experience – we have been blown away at how much more we have been getting out of the book when this beautiful music is synchronized with the text.

So now we suppose it’s time to let you know about our secret musical weapon! We are fortunate that Sean Beeson has come on as our Senior Composer at Neoglyphic Entertainment, and is composing the entire score for Sunborn Rising. Sean comes to us with a long love of music and quite the portfolio. His music can be heard across films, games, music videos, and trailers for companies like Disney and Electronic Arts, and in titles like Magic: The Gathering, Ravensword: Shadowlands, and Dungeons & Dragons, just to name a few! His personal work, Serenity Studio, is beautiful piano music that has millions of views on YouTube.

Sean is bringing his amazing compositional skills in orchestral music to bear on Sunborn Rising. As we are an other-world fantasy novel, he has added some very cool sounding instruments to the soundtrack that are not heard very often to better immerse you in the world of Cerulean. You will hear a bass recorder, a contrabass flute, and a variety of bowed instruments. There are also some instruments that are not as widely known. Sean learned how to play the duduk just to include in the music for Sunborn Rising – an ancient double-reed woodwind flute made of apricot wood indigenous to Armenia (Wikipedia); you will also hear the shakuhachi, a Japanese end-blown flute, originally made of bamboo and used in Buddhist meditation (Wikipedia); and the dizi which is a Chinese bamboo flute used in folk music. (Wikipedia) Using distinctive instruments adds different moods and personalities to the individual characters and environments.

Put all together this music is one of the most vital, novel and exciting parts of the immersive entertainment experience we are trying to create.

We are excited to share a sample of music created for the Sunborn Rising! (In the YouTube video above, listen for the didgeridoo and the rainstick.)


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