Barra Reveal
July 18, 2015 1:55 am

Barra Evolution #1: Beginning Concepts

One of the first concept pieces of Barra.

Creating our main character has been no small feat. It has been a year of concept art and discussion and more concept art and debate. We’ve had at least 3 major versions of Barra.

The team knew the book well and each person had their own image of what she should look like. It wasn’t that they were all imagining something vastly different, the challenge was bringing her strong personality to a youthful, new character.

Above is one of the first images we saw, over the next couple weeks we will show you the evolution and reveal the final Barra!

Barra Evolution #2: Taking shape


Early concept pieces can have a lot of variety. We try various head, tail & body shapes. To create the young trio we play with what changes make a character look older or younger.

With Barra we wanted to have a fresh character that people could connect with. We wanted to capture her adventurous and animal-like spirit. Here are some sketches that brought the first version of Barra into being.

Barra Evolution #3: Version 1


This was the first version we landed on for Barra. She had the fun personality and a different look that we wanted. This one looked great as an illustration but as we took her into 3D we started to have some concerns.

First, her color palette was hard to reproduce as you see it here. Then when we saw her from the side we realized that we wanted her to look a little more animalistic in her skeletal structure. So even though we liked this version, we took her to the drawing board and began to tinker.

Barra Evolution #4: A touch of the wild

Adding some animal

When we decided that we wanted Barra to have characteristics that leaned more to the animal side, we looked at the shape of her body and face. We kept a lot of elements from the previous version. The major changes came in her stance.

We wanted her to feel a little canine/feline in the way she stands and moves. We also wanted her face to feel a little bit more animalistic so we extended her snout. These concept sketches were the beginning of what became the second version of Barra.

Barra Evolution #5: A world of color

Pick a color!

We really liked the look we had with this second version, but we we couldn’t decide on a color. We took the question to our newsletter and surveyed 300 people to see what they thought. We sent out this picture and also images of Barra in the various environments to find out if certain colors fit better than others. Of this group we didn’t get a clear winner, definitely knew which ones not to choose. The process definitely helped to narrow our focus as we approached the third and final version of Barra.

Barra Evolution #6: The Great Reveal

Barra's Reveal

Barra Swiftspur the Listlespur from the world of Cerulean has been over a year in the making. She is the strong, adventurous creature that will carry the adventure Beneath the Fall. We are exited about how she turned out!

We hope you all fall in love with Barra like we have!


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