Designing a Den
June 25, 2015 8:41 pm


Barra & Brace's Den

Barra & Brace’s Den

Designing architecture that works with the environment and with the daily Buckle that takes place on Cerulean is no easy task.

The Buckle is the time of night when the cooling Cerulean Ocean recedes, shrinking back toward the star. Buckles may be used interchangeably with days. The Great Trees sway and come closer together causing the treescape to change dramatically. The branches and roots of each tree have to bend and slip around to make room. This change can isolate the inhabitants and cause dens to change as the trees move. This all creates challenges when designing structures for Cerulean.

We started by figuring out what it might look from the outside. We had a specific look and feel for how we imagined the world. The picture at the top was where we began.

Then we moved to the actual detail of the structure. The book was our starting point but the concept artists have quite a job to figure out how the dens fit together, and their shape and style. They also have to remember that everything in an Arboreal den is created working with the Great Tree. Never cutting or harming the tree.

How is the den made?

How is the den made?

Binders (the architects & builders of the Great Trees) will weave and secure branches together. The structures have to be designed in such a way that is functional throughout the Buckle. The Binders need to be sure that Arboreals are not cut off from parts of their den during the Buckle and as the Great Tree grows.

The floor plan of Barra's Den.

The floor plan of Barra’s Den.

We started with Barra & Brace’s den. It is a warm and cozy home. In it we need to fit a living space, the kitchen area, two nestrooms, and Gammel’s study. We make sure to think about every aspect of their den. The concept sketch below is how we imagine the interior after all of the work above.

A look inside of Barra's den.

A look inside of Barra’s den.


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