Experience Cerulean
January 10, 2015 8:48 pm


Concept art of the Reach.

Concept art of the Reach.

We want you to be able to immerse yourself in the World of Cerulean the way we, the creators, want to experience it ourselves!

The first step was the novel. Start by meeting the bups and go on their adventure. Our author, has been working on the first book for over a year now. We are using a different method to develop the story using a reading group to add insight as we go. You can read about that process in more detail in an earlier blog: Creating the World! And by signing up for our newsletter you may have an opportunity to join the Sneak Peek Reading Group.

The world is so beautiful and so different we wanted to see it! We have had illustrators & concept artists brainstorm on what they think the characters & world would look like. It has been an amazing process that we will share more of it with you as we go!

We have dreams of running through the Great Trees with the bups; and the best way we knew how to do that is to create a mobile game. The game will make it possible to explore a 3D world & a new story from Sunborn Rising. We have 3D character artists, technical artists & environment artists taking the concept art and making it move & breathe. We also have a composer working to add a beautiful soundtrack to the experience.

We are excited about what is to come this new year.

Hang on to your scruffs and stay with us for this adventure!


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