Writing Beneath the Fall
December 30, 2014 8:31 pm

We have adopted a different approach for developing the Sunborn Rising series. Our author, Aaron Safronoff, created the world, the characters, and makes it all come to life to take us on an adventure. As he wrote the novel, Aaron read chapters to the whole team and we

writinggave our first impression. Through this process Aaron found he saw the manuscript from a different angle when he reads it out loud. For this first book, friends and family were given the book at various stages to read and add their advice to the process. We plan to have even more people added to this group for the second book.

It then went to editors for their critique and then Aaron had to incorporate that information. The amount of work that it takes to do this is hard to understand. There are thousands of comments throughout the manuscript, some needing one word to change and others causing Aaron to rewrite entire chapters.

After that work has been done we had a company story time and each revised chapter was read aloud, and we talked about pacing, emotional impact, and all the details. Aaron now has that feedback to incorporate all of it as well! It is still not ready for print but we are working hard at making it the best book we can create!


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