Visualizing Cerulean
September 27, 2014 7:49 pm


Jackson Sze's look at Barra in the Loft.

Jackson Sze’s look at Barra in the Loft.

How does one take vivid descriptions of an alien world and make them breathe?

It is a process where expert concept artists read the book descriptions and add their vision to the development as well. We just got our first glimpse of the world of Cerulean thanks to our art team! They have put some incredible thought into how to visualize the world of Cerulean. They are also hard at work figuring out how the bups look and how their alien bodies work. The images of the environment help us dream about the world: luminescent flowers, life in the branches of the Reach, and what lurks at the Root. You can really imagine playing with the bups and exploring with them.

We cannot wait to see the bups come to life!


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