Visiting our Great Trees
September 15, 2014 8:55 pm

We wanted to visit some of the biggest trees our planet has to offer. We got to walk through a forest that would be dwarfed if compared to Cerulean’s Great Trees.

Sequoia National Park has amazing Giants. They are some of the largest trees by volume, not as tall as the Redwoods, which we hope to visit soon. We saw General Sherman who is labeled with being the largest known living single stem tree on earth. This is impressive because it is not the tallest nor does it have the biggest girth. We were in awe looking at this beast of a tree, with its circumference at the base being 102.6 feet. Just being able to be near such a large and old piece of our beautiful planet makes you wonder if we can truly fathom the Great Trees. How different the Fall would be in Sequoia National Park versus on Cerulean?

The Sequoia

The Sequoia called General Sherman

The Sequoias are amazingly rugged and strong trees. We marveled at their resilience as we saw trees that had seen many wildfires and were burned but still alive.

Part of our trip was nighttime stargazing and we got to experience our magnificent night skies without the city lights dimming them. We tried to imagine the nebulae of the bups’ galaxy splashing color over the trees. Both so different and equally amazing in their own right!

So much inspiration from this trip to carry into our thoughts of Cerulean.


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