Barra Concepts
August 8, 2014 8:18 pm

What does Barra look like?

“How do we create a character?” is part of that question. To answer, you need to think about the difference between a written description and what an artist needs to draw a character like Barra. If the author wrote every detail of every character from the size of the nose to the shape of the mouth to every detail in their fur the book would become so description heavy and tedious it would be hard to read. But these are the types of things the concept artist has to think about and design when they are illustrating.

Jackson Sze's look at Barra

Jackson Sze’s look at Barra

It is a back and forth process, occasionally the author has to say something doesn’t feel right and sometimes the artist adds things that end up getting changed in the book. It takes many iterations, covering many possibilities before we land on something that feels right. And we realize even after that entire development process that we may still have to go back to the drawing board.


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