The First Sneak Peek
March 15, 2014 4:00 am

A early look at creating the world of Cerulean.We sent out the first seven chapters of Beneath the Fall! Aaron has worked so hard to develop new characters and a beautiful world. Our very first release is to 20 of our family and friends; it is a leap of faith and took some nerve. We hope to get feedback about if the world makes sense, if people enjoy the children, and if the plot is captivating.

Comments are still coming in but we were exited to receive a few already! People are responding with excitement, “I have really grown attached to the three animal kids that I am following in the story. I truly want to find out what they are going to experience next. I’d say that’s a testament to their personalities and the writing.” Wow! Bear with us, more is on the way!


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